Monday, 5 January 2009

The Obama Holograms

These 3 Holograms were created using new technologies that are pretty cool. We are only printing 20o8 of the small prints and 208 of the 1 meter sized prints.

The mid-air projection hologram comes with 200 pictures of Obama you can choose to have displayed either as a static hologram or as a slide show. It also comes with 3 speeches: Yes We Can Speech, Race in America Speech, Election Win Speech.

You can buy the wall mounted holograms from our store front(shipping details are included). The free floating hologram is special order of course.
This is the mid-air projection Obama(below). The image is floating in Mid-air and not added later to the video. Had CNN used this technology on Election Night, Wolf Blitzer would have been actually looking at a real projection that was physically in the studio. Wolf, give us a shout!!! : )